Saturday, April 6, 2013

Test Prep Time!!!

     Well its that time of year again for many of us--test prep time!!!  My students will be taking their math state exam in 3 weeks.  Are they ready? Yes!  However, we will still review and practice (just to make sure).  I want my students to be excited about the prep, so I am planning many different types of activities to keep them engaged.  I plan on using all of my task cards for partnering activities, scoot, differentiated practice,  and other activities that will reinforce concepts.

     I just joined the Test Prep Linky Party over at Teachingisagift.  Other bloggers have joined too!  Everyone is linking test prep items they use in their classrooms all in one place.  I linked my Surface Area Assessment Prep product and one of my favorites--my Percent Task Cards.  If your looking for material or a creative way to prep for your test--check it out!!

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