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New page for my blog!
     For this new page I am going to list or write about really fantastic resources I use or discover.  I find so many great resources on the web and usually pin them to my pin board, but I thought it would be great to include some right here on my blog for future reference and to share with other teachers.

One resource I just started using with my class is Buzz Math.  You can get your class or classes a free subscription to the website right now.  This website allows students in grades 6, 7, 8 to practice math concepts.  The question quality is really great and the questions are based on the common core curriculum.  If a student gets an answer wrong the site provides a full explanation and additional problems for practice.  My students started using it about 3 weeks ago and love it!!  As students complete lessons, they earn gold stars.  All results are reported back to the teacher.  I am able to assign material to students individually or as a group, check students performance, and write personal messages.  My students are so excited we have created a bulletin board to can keep track of their earned stars.  I am excited because they are practicing math and having fun too!!


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