Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What Will You Do Differently?

Well the year is almost over and after reflecting on this past year, there are definitely some things I would like to do differently next year.

I just started preparing my student's supply list for next year.  I really want each student to have their own supplies stored in our math classroom.  I am going to ask each student to create their own math toolbox.  Each toolbox will hold thin markers, colored pencils, highlighters, glue sticks, ruler, pencils, sharpener, eraser, and a sharpie.
These toolboxes will be stored in our classroom and available for daily use.  Students will grab their box on the way into class and use their tools during interactive notes, graphing, modeling, stations, and any other time we need them.  I am going to ask each student to purchase one of these supply boxes.  Each student will be given their own personalized labels to attach to the sides and top so they can easily spot their toolbox as they walk into class.

Staples® Translucent Pencil Boxes, Assorted Colors

I have not changed my bulletin board paper or borders for at least five years.  I know its terrible, but the fade-less paper never fades!  It still looked good all these years, but now there are just too many holes and its time for a new color.  My room will be painted over the summer--needs it bad.  Then I will choose the color.  I also want to replace my borders (they did fade).  I love the way some people have been layering their borders.  I am going to try this!  

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I love Pinterest!!!!!!  So many amazing creative ideas!  If only I could use them all!!
I want to implement at least three ideas next year.  I think I can handle three.
Here are some I would love to create.  

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Love this idea from the host of this linky party.

No need to buy new student erasers--so clever!
I love the traffic light exit card

Great Birthday Chart

Exit Cards

I would love to be this organized!

What will you do differently next year?  
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Relief Effort for Moore Oklahoma 

My heart goes out to all of the community members of Moore Oklahoma. As a fellow teacher I would like to help with the relief effort.  I have donated some of my products for the special relief bundle being provided by Teachers Notebook.
 100% of the money raised from this bundle will go to the relief efforts to aide the victims.  Please consider donating an item or purchasing this bundle. 
Stay strong Oklahoma!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Currently May

Hi Everyone!

I just joined the Currently Linky Party from the blog Oh Boy 4th Grade.

Listening:  The quiet!  

Loving:  My new classroom layout.  I moved my desk from the back of my room to the front, pushed my student's tables together to form groups of 6 and created some extra space.  My students love it too!

Thinking:  About shopping at Kohl's tonight online.  I have only one day left to use my 30% off coupon.  My son needs new sneakers and I could use some new flips.

Wanting:  I want the construction upstairs in my house to be completed.  Drywall and Spackle completed today!!  Next painting, floors, molding, carpet, doors, etc.    Soon!

Needing:  I need a day off badly!  The past few weeks have been crazy busy! 

Bucket List:  1. This summer I plan on spending time at the lake with my kids, my sister and her kids, and my brother.  I love the lake!!  One of my favorite sounds are the loons at night--wish I was listening to them now.  2.  I plan on spending a lot of time at the beach this summer building sand castles and collecting shells.  3.  A long time ago I played golf with my husband a lot, but since children almost impossible.  I want to fit in at least 3 rounds with hubby this summer.  :)

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Have a fantastic May everyone!!!!