Friday, May 3, 2013

Currently May

Hi Everyone!

I just joined the Currently Linky Party from the blog Oh Boy 4th Grade.

Listening:  The quiet!  

Loving:  My new classroom layout.  I moved my desk from the back of my room to the front, pushed my student's tables together to form groups of 6 and created some extra space.  My students love it too!

Thinking:  About shopping at Kohl's tonight online.  I have only one day left to use my 30% off coupon.  My son needs new sneakers and I could use some new flips.

Wanting:  I want the construction upstairs in my house to be completed.  Drywall and Spackle completed today!!  Next painting, floors, molding, carpet, doors, etc.    Soon!

Needing:  I need a day off badly!  The past few weeks have been crazy busy! 

Bucket List:  1. This summer I plan on spending time at the lake with my kids, my sister and her kids, and my brother.  I love the lake!!  One of my favorite sounds are the loons at night--wish I was listening to them now.  2.  I plan on spending a lot of time at the beach this summer building sand castles and collecting shells.  3.  A long time ago I played golf with my husband a lot, but since children almost impossible.  I want to fit in at least 3 rounds with hubby this summer.  :)

If you want to join the party, click on the link below.

Have a fantastic May everyone!!!!


  1. So I found you via Farley's linky.

    I think your summer bucket list sounds WONDERFUL {I simply want to be anywhere I can wear flip flops DAILY}!

    Hope you have a great end to your year.

  2. I love how rearranging the classroom makes it feel so fresh! I definately need to do some seat swapping before the end of the year! We head to the lake for summer to. Enjoy your vacation!