Friday, September 13, 2013

Personalizing Your Math Interactive Notebook

Phew!!  I made it through the first week of school!  I started my Math Interactive Notebook (INB) with my students this week.  We set up our cover page, glued in our rubric, glued in our clock partner sheet, and set up our Table of Contents.  It took a while, but now we are set up for the year.  I asked my students this year to personalize their math INB and I am so happy with the results.  Some of my students brought them in early and they look amazing!
     First I showed them my INB to spark their interest (see below).  I explained what each number represented in my life (great getting to know you activity too).  I also explained why each picture was on the notebook as well.  All I did was search Google for number images and copy and paste to a word document.  When I couldn't find a number I used Word Art on Word to create the number.  Then I just taped them on my notebook (contact paper would work really well).

Here is the result!
2:  The number of children I have.
16:  My favorite number.
1987:  The year I graduated
6:  The month I was born
14:  The amount of years I am married
66:  I am 66 inches tall
20:  The day of the month I was married
2000:  The year my daughter was born
Then I added some other pictures that I liked.

The back is also covered too!

After my presentation they were so excited to personalize their notebooks too!  I handed out the assignment below to my students.
If you would like a copy click here.

Assignment is due Monday--I will post some pictures!

 Christine :) 

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  1. Your notebooks look great. I started the year with decorating them also. I like what you did better than mine. :)

    The Balanced Classroom